Smart Carts UK Products

7 cubic foot Smart Cart - Black
£330.00 inc. VAT
12 cubic foot Smart Cart - Green
£350.00 inc. VAT
Easy Connect Towbar
£115.50 inc. VAT
Muck Caddy
£280.00 inc. VAT
Plant Pyramid - 3 Levels
£103.20 inc. VAT

Popular uses

Muller’s Carts™ have been known to last well over 25 years and we receive letters from customers all the time telling us how satisfied they are with their carts.


In 1986, while shopping for horse stuff, I found the cart of my dreams – a 12cu ft blue spoke-wheel Muller’s CartTM. We were just scrimping along and in ’86 $185 was a lot of money! Took the hubby next door and over a few beers talked him into buying the cart. At 25 years old the tub is worn out…This weekend we bought a new cart. But old Blue won’t be retired or given away. Just wanted to let you know.