Smart Carts™

Smart Carts are Tough, Light, Huge Capacity and Highly manoeuverable

Lightweight – The aluminium frame and rugged Polyethylene thermoplastic tub can last for decades, and they won’t break your back.

One Handed Glide – Muller’s Carts™  are perfectly balanced, offering superb manoeuverability with one handed operation.

Tip Forward Design – Unlike the traditional wheelbarrow a Muller’s Cart™  is designed to tip forward and stand balanced for easy raking in, dumping out and quick cleaning.

Large Capacity – Muller’s Carts™  offer 7cu ft (198 ltr) and 12cu ft (340 ltr) tub options and can haul with ease loads of up to 400 lbs (with spoked wheels) and 600lbs (with 16” turf wheels).

Longevity – Most barrows and carts break or need repairs after 3 years of hard use. A Muller’s Smart Cart™ is built to last decades – 20 to 30 years is not unusual!

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