Muller’s Carts™ have been known to last well over 25 years and we receive letters from customers all the time telling us how satisfied they are with their carts.

I hesitated to buy my cart due to the price but realised I had to try something as my back is very bad. I have had 3 operations on it and pushing a standard wheelbarrow round the field poo picking was causing significant problems
I watched the videos of the Smart Cart and liked the way people were lifting it with one hand but was still a bit sceptical. Once it arrived the first thing that surprised me was how big it is! I took it to the yard to test it and was amazed. It really is just like it seems in the video, my back likes it and the only problem I have now is getting to it before someone else grabs it!

I would recommend it to anyone

Judy Bullock of Bucks

I just wanted to let you know I love your product. My parents had bought about 3 of the smart carts about 30 years ago for use on our farm, we had show horses. Upon the death of my mother in 2005, I had the opportunity to get one of the carts, which had been WELL used over the previous 30 years…

Tara Kapeles

We recently purchased a 7cu ft Muller’s Cart™ to move wood for our wood burning fireplace. It required numerous trips/day to haul enough to keep our heating fireplace burning 24/7 in cold weather… these trips have been cut to one with the Smart Cart and my wife remarked how light the cart is when full of wood. A thank you card from the owner was received; how many companies write to their customers thanking them for their business? Truly a good American company.

Gary/Sharon B.

I just wanted to drop you an email about the quality of the Muller’s Smart Cart™. I have had mine since 1984 and it has seen continuous use since then. For 15 years I raised Paint Horses and was cleaning stalls daily and using it to haul 130 lbs alfalfa bales as well. Also at the local 4-H show my cart is the number one in demand for cleaning pens as the smallest kids can use it.

Kim S. of California

I have had two of your carts since the late 1980’s!! Use them for my horses, of which I have 6-8. So, you know they have been used to the max. I don’t know how I could live without them because they are so lightweight and easy to “dump” manure!! So glad I found your web site. This has got to be the best “horse” product I ever had!!! Thank you for still being around and producing such a great product.

Judy S. of California

My Smart Cart arrived early yesterday morning. It went together very easily. It was immediately pressed into service for the morning stall mucking. There is no comparison between using this great cart and a wheel barrow! Thank you! I love this cart more each time I use it, which, with a Belgian cross and a Holsteiner, is very frequent. I really like that my wife, who is petite and only 5’2”, can handle it with the same ease.

Mel H. of Tennessee

I have owned one of these carts for ages… I am not sure how long, but well over 10 years now. It is my one totally indispensable tool. This thing is indestructible. No rust and lightweight …it’s aluminum! This cart is totally amazing and if I ever somehow (can’t imagine how) need another cart I would definitely get another one of these! Worth every penny and then some. As we say in Maine…this is one WICKED cart

Carla Heisten of Maine

In 1986, while shopping for horse stuff, I found the cart of my dreams – a 12cu ft blue spoke-wheel Muller’s CartTM. We were just scrimping along and in ’86 $185 was a lot of money! Took the hubby next door and over a few beers talked him into buying the cart. At 25 years old the tub is worn out…This weekend we bought a new cart. But old Blue won’t be retired or given away. Just wanted to let you know.


We love our cart! My wife about died when she found out how much it cost, but nine years later, she never tires of telling me it was money well spent.

Roy M. (Iowa)

I got the cart a few days back and put it together in under 20 minutes. Very well made and so much better than the cheap stuff sold in the big box stores. In fact the cart is AWESOME! Easy to load and unload …and the balance makes it easy to move around. It’s so sturdy this might be the last cart iI need to buy. Thanks again.