Great for Farms

On a busy farm there are always things that need to be moved easily from A to B without the fuss of involving a vehicle or tractor. Bags of meal for weaning calves, bales of straw or hay for bedding and feed, heavy bags of fertiliser, even rubbish!

Whatever it is that’s too heavy (up to 400 lbs with 20” wheels, 600 lbs with 16” Turf wheels) or too awkward to be carried by hand can be easily loaded into a Muller’s Smart Cart™ and wheeled smoothly to its destination with the minimum of effort.

There is also a towbar conversion available which allows it to be coupled to an ATV or quadbike which would be a godsend to hill farmers and smallholders alike. What about the budding farmer? A Smart Cart™ is so light and manoeuverable that it will cope with smooth or rough terrain and is manageable even by a ten year old child. With an aluminium frame and a polyethylene ‘tub’ they are rust proof and leak free,no matter what the climate.

Why buy a Muller’s Smart Cart for your farm?

Simplicity – balances and manoeuvers beautifully with one-hand operation, even on rough ground or in stalls and tight spots….. no struggling or risk of tipping over.

Large capacity – We offer 7cu ft and 12cu ft options that help you haul heavy loads easier because the weight is balanced over the wheels, not the handle.

Why struggle with an awkward wheelbarrow?

Tip forward design – our Muller’s carts™ are designed to tip forward and stand balanced for easy raking in, dumping out and quick cleaning and handy storage.

Longevity and value – Quite often wheelbarrows or lesser products break or need repair after only a few months! Smart Carts™ are built to last decades without breaking… no bolts to tighten or replace, no rust – nearly maintenance free.

A Muller’s Smart Cart™ will save you time and money!

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